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CNT-NUS Lab Gallary

 Academic Activities of Lab Members

Year 2016

Dr. Sandar presented her work at NT16 conference in Vienna, Austria on 9 August 2016.

Congratulations to Dr. Jingduo Feng for passing her PhD oral defence.

Prof Shigeo Maruyama from Tokyo University visited our lab.

Year 2015

Prof Duong is presenting invited talk at IWNN-APCBM 2015 in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Prof Duong in APCChE 2015, in Melbourne,Australia

Prof Duong in SEAJCCM 2015, singapore


Congratulation to Dr. Prabakaran Saravanan for passying his oral defence.

Congratulation to Dr. Fan Zeng for passying her oral defence.

Group members in APS march meeting 2015, San Antonio, Texas, USA。

Year 2014

   Prof. John Hart from MIT (2nd left) with lab members on 7th, Aug, 2014.

Dr Son in MRS spring meeting, San Francisco, 2014.


Prof Duong with Prof. Vincent Tan (first left) in Cambridge for CNT fiber system.

   Prof. Duong in Chemontube, Itatly, 2014.

Year 2013


           Lab Visitor  07/2013                                                  Lab Visitor   09/2013

              Prof. Allen. Windle                                                             Dr. Gyula Ẻes            

           Cambridge University                                                          Oak Ridge National Lab


  Prof Duong and Wendy in NT13, Finland.                                     Dr. Duong at INNOV FEST, 2013.     



 Mr. Thang with Dr Krzysztof Koziol in University of Cambridge              Prof Duong's keynote at 2nd SEES, 2013


Dr Alfonso Reina (middle), Harvard University,                                  Lab members in 2nd SEES, 2013  

      taught CVD graphen growth. 


Year 2012



Lab members at Prof. Brian Wardle's Lab                 FYP Students (2 from right) at 5th MRS-S 

         (red shirt), MIT, Feb 2012                                conference, Singapore, March 2012    


   APS 2012 conference, Boston, USA

   From Left: Dr. Duong, Prof. D. Papavassilliou (OU),

   K. Bui, Dr. Gyula Eres (Oak Ridge), Prof. Laszlo Forro (EPA)

 lab members 

Lab memers in MRS-S5 Conference                             Prof Duong's invited talk at sbit forum 2012

Year 2011  

Lab visitor - 05/2011

Prof. D. Papavassilliou

University of Oklahoma 


Year 2015

Lab Visit of Vice Director of Institute for Tropicalization and Environment, Vietnam

Happy Lunch on 4th, May, 2015.

Year 2014

Happy Lunch on 4th, Dec, 2014.

Happy Lunch on 7th, May, 2014.

Happy Lunch on 5th, December, 2013.


Weekly Lab Meeting


New Year Celebration of Lab Members



Farewell Lunch for Dr. Zhang Hongyan (right) with

Prof Teoh Swee Hin (left) on 02/2012

Welcome lunch


Summer Gathering of Prof Duong with friends in UK.

 Group Lunch 06/12/2012 

 Group Lunch on 06/12/2012 at Skura, Singapore.

  group BBQ 

     Group Barbecue on 12th, May, 2013 at NUS Kent Vale


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