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ME3211 - Mechanics of Solids

The module covers topics on: Linear elasticity in which the general equations of equilibrium and compatibility are derived and its applications are illustrated for complex problems; Introduction to mechanics of composite materials; Failure of composites; Stresses in pressurized thick-walled cylinders in elastic and elasto-plastic regions; Stresses in rotating members;  and Experimental stress analysis with particular emphasis on optical methods. This is an elective module and is intended for students in Stage 3 and 4 who have an interest in the stress analysis of isotropic and composite materials. The materials in this module are applicable to chemical, civil, mechanical and aeronautical engineering.


ME4254 - Mechanics of Solids

Materials selection is the core of many engineering designs aimed at making a new product or redesigning an existing product with new functionalities. Clearly, the materials selection becomes a daunting task considering that there are over 100,000 engineering materials to choose from for a given application. Therefore, this module has been designed to help engineers in knowing some important factors and principles that govern any materials selection procedure for engineering designs. At the end of this course students will be able to:

appreciate the importance of materials in engineering design understand and explain the basics of engineering design in relation to materials analyze and carry out materials selection for a particular design evaluate different materials available to engineers for design understand materials properties and confidently use them for engineering design creatively use design skills for new products


ME 6503 - Theory of Phase Transformation 


Year 2011

EG1109 exam marking. Hosting industrial collaboration between NUS and Gamesa Corporation, Spain. Session chair and organization board -  ICYRAM 2012 international conference.Instructor of PhD students - International Transferable Skilled Course- Imperial College, July 2011.PhD and Master Thesis examiner for Prof Victor Shim (July 2011), of Tay Nam Beng (MEng) for Prof Sinha Sujeet (Oct 2011); of Mei XiaoGuang (PhD) for Ouyang Jianyong (Oct 2011) PhD oral examinations: Jonathan Leong Yonghui (February 2011), Mao Jia Zhen (March 2011), Wu Yongzhi (May 2011), and Andrew Ng (July 2011)Attending PDP-T: Elective Modules (Jan 2011) and Teaching skill series CDT5101 (May 2011)

Year 2012

PhD thesis examiner of Chen Yu for Prof Tan BC Vincent (Nov 2012)Master thesis examiner of Loy Xing Zheng Keldren for Prof Sinha Sujeet (Nov 2011) Supervisor of 2 GREEN design projects of ME3101.











Tutoring group-Imperial College, July 2011